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Brc Promotion is the result of a partnership between the company MTM srl., the owner of the BRC Gas Equipment, BRC Gas Service, Green Hybrid Cup and the Big Promotion snc.

The taget is to enhance the trademarks in sectors other than those in which they have earned the reputation and likewise meet the continuing demands of the BRC partners and the many fans who follow sports projects is MTM srl.

The range of items is characterized primarily on the official clothing line, the same used by Team BRC on the race and during the events rallistici.

Among the company MTM srl and The Big Promotion company, which operates in the field of image and promotion for over twenty years, has entered into an agreement to regulate the production and marketing of items BRC determines that the licensee of the trademark Big Promotion BRC in the field of promotional items such as promotional clothing, promotional items, promotional products and advertising in general

PROMOTION BRC is always present on the race of the Green Hybrid Cup with an assorted Store where you can purchase items directly.